• Every 30 seconds a child dies from malaria.
  • Malaria is a preventable disease.
  • Ten dollars buys a long lasting net that protects a child for 3-5 years.

Project Mosquito Net

"If you put plain old bed nets around and do it properly and spray them with insecticide, you can get rid of half the malaria deaths in Africa, and that’s at least a million a year." -- Michael Specter, New Yorker Magazine

Project Mosquito Net is a grass roots non-profit project dedicated to providing insecticide treated bed nets to children and pregnant mothers in Kenya to prevent malaria infections and deaths. The project began in 2005 as a joint effort between two US and non-profits and the Akado Medical Center located in Kenya. From the small beginning our partnerships have grown a bit and our current efforts involve the following organizations: the Kenyan based Akado Medical Center, the 501(c)3 San Diego based non-profit Power of Love, the London based non-profit Swim Against Malaria and the Against Malaria initiative. Unlike larger non-profits we are completely volunteer run and do not take salaries, and because of the smaller scale of our project we have complete accountability so you know exactly where your donation is going and can be assured that 100% of every dollar donated has benefited a child by providing him or her with a long lasting insecticide treated bed net.

All donations to this project are completely tax deductible and 100% of the funds donated for this project go directly to purchasing and transporting insecticide treated bed nets (ITNS).

Each net costs only $5 a piece, barely more than a cup of latte, less than a t-shirt and about the same price as a movie ticket, yet this small amount can save a child's life.

The sad and staggering fact is that in Africa, every year, over 700,000 children die needlessly from this completely preventable disease. More children die from malaria then any other disease in the world. So how can you help? Donate, hold a fundraiser, raise awareness. Together we can eradicate malaria, one child and one mosquito bed net at a time.

Happy Mbita children