Cowgirl Cattle: A Brand for Cowgirls at Heart

BOZEMAN, Mont., Dec. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cowgirl Cattle & Trading is on a mission to close the wage gap. The company operates out of Bozeman, Montana and makes 14 delicious certified organic snacks, including Cowgirl’s premium, organic grass-fed beef jerky in four delicious flavors.
Where Cowgirl Cattle really stands out, though, is in its empowering stance toward equality. “We don’t believe in the thigh -gap OR the wage gap. At the rate that we’re going, there will not be gender wage equality for 64 years. We don’t think that’s acceptable.” said a company spokeswoman. Speaking to the brand’s focus on female consumers, the company was born out of the desire to make a purposeful product line that is a “wage-gap-warrior” for social justice in the snack aisle.
This revelation has shaped the trajectory of Cowgirl Cattle from the beginning. From the Cowgirl Cattle website: “Cowgirl boldly enables women to live their lives, “Like somebody left the gate open”. It unapologetically states that “Cowgirls and those of us who are cowgirls-at-heart, possess a fierce, brave sense of purpose and unflinching presence.” The company’s site also adds that “We live an adventurous and deliberately conscious life filled with common sense, hard work, courage, love, and passion.”
This sentiment speaks to Cowgirl Cattle’s larger social commitment to cultivate the spiritual, emotional, and physical health of every woman. The physical support comes from the brand’s quality snacks. From its enormously popular organic Ginger Teriyaki Beef Jerky to its organic Pinklet Poppers, organic trail mixes, and organic BeefCake Bars, all of Cowgirl Cattle’s products are only made with certified s that meet real nutritional needs while being deliciously entertaining.
But the company goes much further than mere physical sustenance. From chronic issues like overprioritizing looks to underprioritizing pay, Cowgirl Cattle is fighting against the injustices that women face every day.
Cowgirl Cattle is an enterprise with a purpose; a brand that is built for provoking the status-quo; and a company with conviction. From the quality of its certified organic grass-fed beef snacks to its passionate commitment to equality and female empowerment, Cowgirl Cattle invites you to saddle -up and “snack this way for equal pay”.
About Cowgirl Cattle: Cowgirl Cattle was launched in 2017 after the founders realized the oversaturated quantity of male-oriented brands in the beef jerky market. The growing, female-forward brand operates out of Bozeman, Montana where it provides high-quality certified organic beef jerky, organic Pinklet Poppers, and organic Beefcake Bars along with a serialized panel from their novel: Laramie Landon, A Cowgirl’s Adventure. Proceeds help fight the wage gap war. Learn more about Cowgirl Cattle’s products and social justice mission at.

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