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Chris Bumstead is not only the top competitor in Classic Physique, he is quickly turning into one of the most popular figures in bodybuilding. The reigning three-time Olympia champ is preparing to win title No. 4 in December and shared a massive shoulder workout during his preparation.
Bumstead has built a physique with incredible size, symmetry, and conditioning over the years. He has fine-tuned his prep and is at the top of his game over the course of the summer. As we enter July, Bumstead continues to put on some size and shares his workouts on his YouTube page.
Below, you can find Chris Bumstead’s full shoulder workout followed by a post-workout meal he has been using after these brutal gym sessions.

“I’m trying to figure out what my goals will be for this year. I mean strength-wise, not for competing. I feel like I got to be able to shoulder press 140-pounds, so 10-12 weeks out, 140. I have to wait to go heavier.”
Chris Bumstead has been trying to figure out what his goals are in the gym. This is where workouts like this come in handy during preparation.
The workout begins with seated dumbbell shoulder presses followed by band shoulder internal rotations. This was used as a bit of a workout to loosen up his muscles in the shoulder.
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Bumstead continued with the shoulder press machine and performed three sets of 8-10 reps. This came after a warmup set. Bumstead did not disclose the amount of sets and reps for the entire workout but some can be judged by what is shown in the video. Following this exercise, Bumstead explains how he might have to log his weight in the gym.
“I can never remember the weights I’m doing now. I’ve never done that in the past but I think this year I have to stop being a little bi**h and try and actually get strong.”
The workout ended with machine reverse flys and standing lateral raises. This is how Bumstead fries his delts toward the end of the workout. Following his time in the gym, Bumstead shows his viewers the latest post-workout meal he has been making.

The post-workout meal usually consists of high protein in the form of a meal replacement shake. Chris Bumstead shared the recipe that switches it up a bit. He takes a quality whey protein and combines it with cocoa-flavored brown rice crisps. This meal consists of 110 calories and 23 grams of carbs.
“I used to do this with cookies and cream and using cocoa flavored brown rice crisps but I’ve been using these ones because they have less sugar.”
The liquid Bumstead uses is cold or frozen milk because it gives it a better taste. He believes that it is not worth it any other way.
“You should just throw that in the garbage if you have warm cereal milk. Cold cereal milk is the way to go. Frozen cereal milk is even better.”
Chris Bumstead is preparing to win his fourth consecutive Olympia title and is doing it with massive workouts and diets like this.
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