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Police looking for suspect following car break-in at Cranberry Township gym
CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Police in Cranberry are looking for a woman who’s accused of a smash and grab in a local parking lot.
Police tell Channel 11, the victim’s window was smashed out and her wallet was snatched from inside. The suspect then used her credit card to go on a shopping spree.
Police say they believe the suspect drove a mint green or gray Toyota RAV4. The license plate reader shows the SUV has Florida plates, but police say the woman who drives it stole a PA plate and put it on her car before her crime spree to stay under the radar.
“There are probably more people in harder financial straits than there have been in the past,” Garth Smith tells Channel 11. “There’s probably going to be in increase in these types of events.”
Police say the suspect went straight to Walmart and bought gift cards with the stolen credit card. There has been an uptick in reported smash and grabs in gym parking lots, even local trails and parks. Not all victims have had valuables that are visible. Some victims had nothing in their cars, but say the thieves were desperate and wanted to rummage through looking for something.
“It’s really unfortunate to hear,” Dave Falcioni tells Channel 11 News. “It makes you think twice when you’re getting in and out of your vehicle.”
If you recognize the Toyota RAV4, give police a call.
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