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Is Planet Fitness open on July 4th?
It’s that time of the year, when we’re all getting ready to gorge ourselves on a variety of grilled meats and chase it with hoppy beverages.
July 4th, like most American holidays, may be rooted in one thing but has completely become something else entirely. Yes the veterans who fought for this country’s freedom — and so many who died doing so — are at the heart of the holiday. But the country is pretty loose with who actually gets that freedom, something that Colin Kaepernick pointed out when he protested during the National Anthem and the Supreme Court reminded us of when it stripped women of the right to autonomy when it comes to their own bodies.
Politics aside, most Americans are going to spend the holiday with friends and/or family by the grill. Many will try to offload the psychology of stuffing their faces with meats by going to the gym either the day before or the day of.
Specifically the day of, many are going to encounter a universally evergreen question: Is Planet Fitness open on the 4th of July?
As Reverand Lovejoy from The Simpsons once quipped: Yes with a but, no with an if.
Yes, Planet Fitness is open on 4th of July but it won’t have the normal hours typical of whatever location you’re looking at. No, Planet Fitness won’t be open 24 hours like it usually is during a normal day because of the holiday.
Well, this is a little tricky. Planet Fitness is a franchise, which means that each gym is individually owned even though they’re all operating under the same corporate umbrella. This means that it’s up to each specific gym to set its holiday hours under whatever overall mandate comes down from the top.
That mandate typically means that gyms don’t have to remain open for the usual 24-hour period on days like July 4th.
Of course that makes figuring out whether or not your local Planet Fitness will be open on July 4th a lot more complicated than it needs to be. Never fear, though, as we have you covered with a few different ways of figuring this out.
The best hack here is to simply go to the gym beforehand. Most Planet Fitness locations will have printed out signs both on the main doors and throughout the gym that list what the 4th of July hours will be. It also doubles as a great excuse to go to the gym, which is never a bad thing.
As stated above, the hours for each Planet Fitness really depend on what location you’re looking at. That aforementioned corporate mandate — which is also the entire sales pitch of Planet Fitness — is that the gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
That’s not entirely true at all locations. While Planet Fitness is usually open every weekday 24 hours, some locations close on Sunday night and reopen early Monday morning. Use the gym finder to be totally sure what your location’s hours are.
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