Former gym and arson hotspot must be demolished as it is 'real danger' says councillor – Hull Live

Calls from councillors, neighbours and firefighters to have the site demolished after recent fires
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Last Wednesday firefighters were called to extinguish two story high flames at the former Paul Ingle boxing gym on North Bransholme.
Three separate crews fought into the night to combat the fire at a building which was once the heart of a community. Since the last tenant left it has become a desolate playground for vandals.
While Hull Live went to the neighbourhood on Thursday, the ash had settled and all that remained was a burnt out shell with the smell of smoke hanging heavily in the air. Neighbours said it was the sixth time in three weeks that kids had broken in to vandalise the property,
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While discussing the prior night's fire with workers Mike and Kev and whether the building has a future, more smoke began to rise from the former school site at around midday. The non-emergency number 111 was called and within 10 minutes firefighters once again returned to the scene to investigate.
Two crews were dispatched with equipment at the ready and water was once again doused into the smouldering deserted gym. As temperatures hit highs of 30C, smouldering once again became flames.
Flames tackled again, one engine was shortly dismissed. With the roof collapsing, one fire officer commented that it ultimately means any future fires won't be as powerful because there's not much more to burn.
In turn, it also makes the smouldering room more dangerous for firefighters, who opted to use their hoses from outside during their re-visit to the site. With onlookers gathering to watch, some nearby residents reminisced about their time at the gym, while admitting it was "damp and old".
While the building is standing, it is likely the fire service know that this won't be the last time that they are called to the address. The news of the fire prompted local councillor Anita Harrison to call on Hull City Council to demolish the site as a matter of urgency.
She said: "The plans have been to demolish this building and the tendering process to appoint a company has now been completed. Following this it is even more urgent that this site is cleared to avoid further danger.
"Left as it is it will attract further vandalism and will be a real danger to anyone foolish enough to go in to it, as well as being a real danger to surrounding houses and other buildings. I will do everything I can to get this resolved as quickly as possible”.
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