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Read our guide on how to make every dish in Gameloft’s Disney RPG
Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes are one of the most confusing parts of the game. Thankfully, with our recipe list you can easily cook up a storm.
While most of the game tends to give players clear instructions, when it comes to making dishes you have to either find the recipe itself or do some trial and error with ingredients.
That would be fine were it not for the fact that some quests, Dreamlight Duties and Event Duties ask you to create specific dishes.
Our Dreamlight Valley recipe list, then, will help you figure out how to make some of the dishes you don’t have recipes for yet.
The list is now fully complete as of September 19.
If more recipes are added in future game updates, we’ll update the list accordingly. Until then, this is the complete recipe list.
To cook in Dreamlight Valley, you need to gather ingredients and find a stove.
There are several methods of gathering your ingredients, including:
If there’s a specific ingredient you’re looking for, go to the Collection screen and choose the Ingredients tab. There you’ll find every ingredient in the game, and by selecting one you’ll see where you can find or buy it.
Once you’ve got the ingredients you need, find a stove – either the one in your own house or the one in Chez Remy – and use it. You’ll be able to drop up to five ingredients into the stove, and can then choose Start Cooking to make the meal.
You also need Coal Ore every time you use the stove, but this can easily be found anywhere in the game, usually by digging.
Also, here’s a tip: you don’t need to have an ingredient in your inventory to use it when cooking. If you have ingredients stored in a chest, they’ll all be available to you when you use the stove.
Note: when a recipe includes any of the following ingredients, it means you can add any ingredient that falls into that category:
For example, if a recipe calls for ‘fish, vegetable, vegetable’, you could make that dish in a variety of ways, such as ‘bass, carrot, cucumber’ or ‘cod, onion, onion’.
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