• Every 30 seconds a child dies from malaria.
  • Malaria is a preventable disease.
  • Ten dollars buys a long lasting net that protects a child for 3-5 years.

Over Half Way to our Goal of $4000 – Help Us Reach Our Goal

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Next week the shipment of 6,000 long lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets will be on their way to Kenya. These nets have been generously provided to us by the Swim Against Malaria Foundation. Although the nets are being provided to us at no cost for the nets themselves the project of distributing them will incur additional cost of transporting them from Bangkok to Mombasa Kenya, then the cost of shipping them from Mombasa to Mbita and finally the costs of distributing the nets to the designated women and children in the surrounding areas of Mbita. We estimated these costs to be approximately $4000 dollars or about 65 cents a nets. So for each 65 cents we raise a child in Mbita will be provided with a life saving net. So far we have raised $2023 dollars and by the beginning of May 2007 we need to raise the additional money.

The entire distribution will be in the Suba District region of Kenya. The distribution area consists of slums,fishing villages and townships located in Mbita, Rusinga Island and Gembe. These three areas are adjacent to one another and located near Lake Victoria. Mbita is approximately 400 km from Nairobi.

A 2005 health survey in the Mbita region of Kenya concluded that malaria was the leading cause of death of children in the region and that children between six months and five years old were at the greatest risk for contracting the disease. The survey concluded that providing mosquito nets would have a significant impact on reducing the spread of malaria in the region and on the overall health of the children in the community.

Please help us by donating generously. We will update the site with pictures and the names of the recipients so you can actually see that your money has provided a life saving measure to a Kenyan child.

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