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The fitness world is crowded with boutique workouts and expensive gyms. And, I’ve tried it all. While expensive boot camp classes were fun but hard to sustain and gym memberships required venturing into intimidating weight rooms with lots of people, there is one fitness program I truly recommend. For the last two years, I’ve been a loyal fan of obé Fitness, an at-home workout platform that offers live and on-demand classes from kickboxing to yoga to strength training. From the comfort of my home, I’ve taken over 400 of their classes and they have truly changed the way I treat fitness in my own life.
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In March of 2020, cloistered in my tiny apartment I signed up for obé Fitness and did my first workout, a high-intensity interval training class that was one of the thousands of classes in obé’s on-demand library. Their library is full of classes ranging from 10-minute “express” dance classes, to 45-minute “sculpt” pilates classes. And, wew of the instructors on the platform.
One huge benefit to obé as compared to other online fitness programs I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a few), is that it offers both on-demand and live classes. They offer anywhere from 10 to 20 live classes a day in a range of lengths and disciplines. I tested out a bunch of classes I liked via their on-demand library and then showed up for my first live class, a combination dance and high-intensity interval training class with their beloved instructor Walter.
For anyone timid of the concept of “live” classes, obé’s classes really offer the best of all worlds. While you stream the class live and can listen as instructors shout out people in the class with encouraging comments, you aren’t on camera, so there’s no pressure to be perfect and the entire class feels like a warm and safe place to push yourself out of your comfort zone.
And while I’ve taken almost every variety of class in their library, I am consistently impressed by how their instructors teach workouts — with a holistic approach to health and an eagerness to meet you where you are, from a fitness perspective. Each of the certified trainers and professionals teaching the classes are quick to offer up modifications, give advice about certain moves or exercises, and make sure that you’re having fun and learning how to exercise without hurting yourself or your body.
After a few months of working out with obé Fitness, I was evangelizing it to all of my friends and family, many of whom noticed that I had muscles for the first time in my life. A few of my friends and siblings started using the platform as well, and being able to take live classes together was so fun. A few months later, obé launched a “workout party” feature that allowed my sister and I to take a Saturday strength class together every week, each of us simultaneously streaming the live class and video conferencing with each other.
To say I love this workout platform is an understatement. Without any of the pressure of being on display, I’ve fallen back in love with dance classes, which I can do in my living room without anyone around to watch my lack of coordination. I’ve been able to try out classes like kickboxing, which is a type of exercise I’ve always wanted to do but have been too intimidated to try in any group setting.
The very best part? This entire monthly membership costs less than a price of a single boutique fitness class. It also has a one-week free trial you can start with. The value this platform has provided me in regards to community, instruction, and overall happiness makes this a complete steal in my eyes.
For a super affordable price, you get access to an entire on-demand library of thousands of fitness classes, in addition, to live classes streamed seven days a week. Classes range from stretching and yoga to high-intensity interval training and pilates, and are available in a range of different lengths, from 10 minutes to an hour. The majority of their live classes are 28 minutes, designed to be squeezed into a quick half-hour break in your day.
It’s easy to filter their on-demand library by class type, difficulty level, length, or instructor. Many of the classes can be done with minimal equipment, so there’s always a class you can do if you’re traveling or hesitant to invest in any exercise equipment. In fact, my favorite classes are some of the dance cardio classes which can be done with zero equipment.
You can access classes via your computer, television, or phone using their app. My preference is to play the class on my computer and cast it to my television so I can see the instructors and the workouts the best. But, I’ve also traveled and taken classes on my phone or my computer when I didn’t have access to a television.
If you’re thinking about trying out obé Fitness, they offer a free trial and you can get 50% off your first month with their monthly membership with the code BUSTLE. And, while I’ve tried enough fitness platforms to know that starting is intimidating, you can find me in Spencer’s dance cardio classes and Alex’s cardio kickboxing almost every week. Listen closely, the instructor might shout out “Amy from Brooklyn,” and you’ll have a friend in class.
This article was originally published on June 10, 2022
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