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The gym can be a pretty intimidating space. And expensive. If you’re new to the fitness world, don’t worry, I’m here to show you how affordable getting — and staying — fit can really be.
First and foremost, you’re gonna need a good outfit. Grab a supportive sports bra and some stretchy yoga shorts to get started. If you need some guidance on what exercises are best for you, these workout cards can act as a personal trainer. Then, you’ll be ready to bring home a pilates bar or exercise ball, depending on the kind of workout you want to do.
Not sure if these things can really help you get toned and strong? I’ve done the legwork and found things that are backed by thousands of positive reviews on Amazon from real shoppers who can say that an aerobic step or a set of resistance bands really helped them out. I’ve even included them here in this list to help quicken up your shopping adventure.
So go ahead and turn down that monthly membership that makes you wonder if there’s gold in the equipment and create your own gym at home.
If you don’t want to shell out the serious dough that’s usually required for a personal trainer but are still a bit confused by the fitness world, these workout cards will give you some guidance. Choose between 20 volumes of the cards, each focusing on a different piece of equipment or type of workout (including dumbbell, bodyweight, pilates, and more). Each deck includes 50 exercises on the moisture-resistant plastic cards. Pick a few cards, do a few sets, and you’ll be a pro in no time.
One reviewer raved: "I love simplicity and these cards are definitely what I need. I started out with the upper body workout and only got through half way. So that means the workouts are tough. Which I like too. I swear it’s worth the purchase. I’m not saying it’ll replace a gym, but it’s a great alternative. But in fact it did replace my gym."
If you love balancing exercises but want something smaller than the ball so you can use it for workouts like leg raises and squats, try out this wobble cushion. Built from strong PVC and featuring a non-slip surface, this balancing disk will be able to take on any of your standing poses. It also has raised massage points to stimulate circulation and provide a grip for your shoes. Use the included pump to quickly inflate and put to use.
One reviewer raved: "Have incorporated this into my daily routine. Easy to use and it comes with a set of exercises in paper and online. Was a little hard to inflate at first, but now I can easily do it. Have already felt a difference in my balance and strength. Wish I had known about this a long time ago! I have back issues and this has definitely helped me isolate some muscles for some of the exercises I need to do. I also traveled with it easily! Deflated and fit perfectly into my suitcase!"
These sliding disks are compact enough to easily bring anywhere, whether you’re getting some exercises in at home or want to do some floor work at the gym while the machine you wanted is occupied. Their double-sided gliding surface is able to move freely on carpet, tile, or hardwood. Sliding can help increase the impact of a ton of core and full body exercises like push-ups, reverse lunges, and mountain climbers. You can even do some barre-like movements without having to go to a studio.
One reviewer raved: "This seems like a simple idea, but I would never have thought of it. I like the ability to exercise arms, back, chest, and core in so many variations. You can cater movement based on how you position yourself and move the gliders; the nuance of movement is near limitless. I tried it on my hardwood floor, but prefer the easier gliding on carpet. I compare it to my Ab roller and find it to be an interesting alternative. I can keep my hands with palms downward open flat or place my fists on it for slightly different stressing of the hand and forearm muscles."
Coming out to about $2 each, this five-pack of resistance bands will be the most affordable equipment you add to your gym bag. Each band has a different level of resistance making them fit for any exercise you have in mind. The heavy-duty latex are tear-resistant and easy to roll up and store. With over 77,000 five-star Amazon reviews, you don’t need to think twice about adding these to your cart.
One reviewer raved: "I’ve had these for a year, using them 2 to 5 times per week. While overtime they do stretch a bit, none have snapped and still work very well. Very good quality for the price. I would highly recommend. For what it’s worth, I typically used the red and black, sometimes double looping for leg and glute work. The yellow was also useful for certain upper body exercises."
There are, what seems like, a million jump rope options out there but believe me when I say that this is the only one you’ll want to keep using. Whether you’re a boxer, into martial arts, or simply want to work on your cardio, this rope’s premium steel parts are meant to last through it all. When you first receive your rope, you have the ability to measure it so that it’s personalized to your exact size. Once you find the perfect length, snip the rubber and screw on the handles to get started. The length, shape, and weight of the handles were designed specifically for lasting comfort and control.
One reviewer raved: "The Elite is great. I doubled my skip/min, I added 2 additional rounds immediately. It’s a well balanced, light rope, slight weight in the handles. Loved it. Enjoy using the rope. Recommended."
Instead of spending money on multiple sets of varying ankle weights, grab these adjustable ones instead. These weights are evenly distributed in separate bags allowing you to take out a percentage of the total weight if you choose. The breathable cotton material quickly absorbs moisture and sweat and are easy to velcro on and off.
One reviewer raved: "These Henkelion Ankle Weights are easy to use, with the velcro straps. You can strap it to your bare legs of to your leggings. The leggings made it slightly better against the skin. As you can see from my photograph, when secured, it will not roll down during leg lifts. I especially liked the fact that it was adjustable so you could start with 2 pounds and work your way up to 5 pounds per leg, if you need to."
If you’re feeling tight while doing yoga, don’t force your body to do things that don’t feel natural. Instead, reach for this yoga block whose durable foam will give you the balance and stability you need. Once your body is stable, you’ll be able to hold poses longer, deepen stretches, and even improve your alignment. Choose between a ton of calming colors to get started.
One reviewer raved: "I really like that this block. It is thicker that most blocks I have used at the gym. The thickness makes it much more stable. I am very pleased and can recommend this."
There’s always been the age-old question of what to do with your phone while you jog. If you don’t love arms bands and have more things to carry anyway, this running belt is for you. In addition to its main zippered pocket, this belt has three additional open access points and and inside key hook. These compartments allow you to stuff in your belongs along the entire length of the belt meaning you’ll have room for your phone, headphones, keys, and more. The moisture-wicking micropoly is form-fitting and won’t bounce as you get your steps in.
One reviewer raved: "I just started implementing long runs in my workout routine and this was just what I need to hold my stuff so I can be hands-free, comfortable, and just have to worry about finishing the distance."
The small amount of height that this aerobic step brings can do a lot for your workout. Use its non-slip surface to create a gym atmosphere anywhere and get to work on your cardio or muscle strength. The adjustable 4 inch or 6 inch height can be used for exercises like step-up jacks or to add some oomph to your glute bridges.
One reviewer raved: "It’s flat for when you sit on it or put your hands on it for push ups/planks, etc. It’s sturdy too and easy to move. I absolutely love this stepper and highly recommend it for exercisers."
This resistance band is a little wider than most and for good reason. By covering more area, the band will target more muscles and make your workout a bit more challenging. Choose between either the 15 inch band (for intermediate heavy resistance) or the 13 inch band (for advanced heavy resistance). The visible non-slip grips on either prevent any rolling or slipping so that they stay in place throughout your hip thrusts.
One reviewer raved: "This product is pretty stellar. I have been using them in the house even as I’m sweeping. I’ll do lunges, side steps, and air squats just to get some extra movement in while I’m home and have nothing else better to do with my time. This leaves my quads and glute muscles throbbing in a good way after I use them. It’s worth the investment for me. The quality is very nice. The packaging was cute, and I appreciated that even though the band came in it’s own reusable bag, the band itself came in a plastic ziplock type bag. For as minimal as that seems, I did appreciate that little bit."
This firm exercise ball can help improve your posture when using it as a chair. But, more importantly, it is a great tool for your at-home workouts. The non-slip surface assures that it won’t move from underneath you while you’re doing chest presses, push-ups, or anything else. The ball is made of durable PVC that is anti-burst and can support up to 600 pounds.
One reviewer raved: "It’s easy to inflate with the given pump. Good sturdy material. Takes a good amount of weight. Ball has a good bounce to it, very good to do situps and stretches on. Perfect for home workouts."
This stretching strap is a great way to warm up or cool down during a workout. This model features 10 durable nylon loops measuring nearly 6 1/2 feet in total. The woven material is meant to withstand heavy use without any wear or tear. So, whether you have a partner around or not, pick one of these up to get in all the deep stretches your body is aching for.
One reviewer raved: "This strap is super versatile and can help you open up your tight areas in many areas of your body such as your hip flexors, shoulders, chest and back. The booklet that is included is very helpful. Yes, you can just get a simple yoga strap, but I found the loops for the SOS to be very handy and more effective for me as I become more flexible. This strap (the original stretch out strap made in the USA) is bomb proof–quality, durable, light weight and I take it everywhere."
The thigh master isn’t just a machine at the gym. This compact tool can be used at home to tone up not just your thighs but your arms and chest too. The thick steel spring gives powerful resistance to work your muscles while the soft foam handles are comfortable to hold between your legs or arms.
One reviewer raved: "Love this thighmaster. Works inner thighs and you can do it sitting watching tv. I will keep it by my chair and do a set of 50 throughout the day when sitting. Definitely notice a difference."
This yoga mat is all about comfort. The 1/2-inch thick mat gives you the comfort you need to zen out or complete a few floor exercises. If you do plan on using it for workouts including donkey kicks or hip trusts, use the included 3/5-inch thick knee pad to give yourself some extra cushion. The moisture-resistant material and double-sided non-slip surfaces assure that the mat will stay in place. Bring it to your next sweat session using the carrying strap that’s included.
One reviewer raved: "This just might be the best yoga mat ever. A knee pad? You read my mind. It also can be used for hips in side lying, and forearms for planks. The pad makes a huge difference for comfort. The whole mat is very cushy comfy anyway. My hands don’t slide when I’m in downward facing dog pose. That’s a pet peeve for me, so I’m glad about that. The carrying strap is different than I’ve had before, as it wraps around and velcros instead of sliding on each end."
Unlike most ab rollers, this model features two wheels for more stability and comfort. It can hold up to 440 pounds and has non-slip handles that make it easy to stay focused on your workout instead of worrying about the sweat that’s dripping down your arm. Use the roller to target all your core muscles with a few sets of wheel rollouts or to target your lower core with some knee tucks. However you choose to put it to use, you can get started as soon as it’s delivered since it arrives already assembled.
One reviewer raved: "Was a little worried about this product because of how lightweight it is but surprisingly its extremely sturdy. I learned how to use it right off the get-go and let me tell you it will blast your back and abs, works the arms and shoulders too. I’m really happy that I got this product and plan on getting more products from elite. This is an amazing and cheap product. If you have back problems like I do an sit-ups/crunches don’t do it for you THIS will!"
Adding a bit of resistance in some form (in this case with weight), is a sure way to get more out of your workouts. These 10 pound dumbbells are coated in neoprene, making them more comfortable to hold and giving you an easy grip that won’t get slippery when you sweat. The classic hexagon-shaped head prevent the weights from rolling away as you move on to your next exercise.
One reviewer raved: "I purchased these weights because I’ve bought this brand previously and like their feel. The weights are well-balanced and have a soft covering so they don’t scratch surfaces. The soft covering also makes them easy to grasp and are easy on the hands. The ends of the weights are six-sided rather than round so they don’t roll when on flat surfaces."
To keep your body moving even when you have to be working at your desk, set this pedal exerciser by your chair. The included strap can be used as an anchor for extra stability but the anti-slip rubber pads on the bottom keep the the device from sliding on its own. Adjust the knob to control the resistance level and turn on the electronic display to view exercise time, revolution count, revolutions per minute, and more.
One reviewer raved: "This didn’t move around on the carpet so no need to use the strap to anchor it. I can sit and watch tv while pedaling away. I also use it for my arms. Definitely worth the money to have on hand for snowy or rainy days."
Increase your flexibility and develop a stronger core with this pilates ring. Depending on the exercises you choose, this ring can help you target your obliques and booty as well. Use its sweat-resistant foam and padded handles to do some thigh presses, leg extensions, and more. It also makes stretching a lot easier which is a great way to start and end each workout. The flexible fiberglass design assures that it won’t crack no matter what you use it for.
One reviewer raved: "This has been a great and cheap addition to my at home Pilates workouts. It’s light, but very well made and very easy to toss in a suitcase for Pilates sessions on the go. There’s a nice bit of give in the ring and padding which adds support and cushion when using the ring between your legs. Both make it very comfortable and easy to use. It has definitely improved and deepened my squats, and has added some nice resistance to toughen up my workouts."
To help prevent or alleviate any heel, ankle, or foot pain, these compression socks are good to have around. The breathable material is not only moisture-wicking but also applies enough pressure to reduce swelling and improve blood circulation. Grab a pair and get back the joint flexibility that we often lose by being on our feet too much.
One reviewer raved: "The material is very light and theres no bunching up keep sinking into the shoe, which is a huge turn off for me. Typically, I’ll get the socks that have a little extra of a heel or lip to prevent that but I’m finding some socks still do it. The socks seem built well and have have held up through workouts, work days, and haven’t fallen apart of anything in the washing machine. The socks are tight, as they should be with being compression, but they’re not difficult to get on and off or too tight."
If you prefer to balance on a flat surface rather than a bouncy one, this balance board is for you. The rounded ABS plastic bottom allows the solid wood top to tilt at a 30-degree angle from all sides and the anti-skid patches on the top surface gives you stable grip. Use the board for side planks, tricep dips, and a ton of other core-building exercises. If you need some inspiration, take a look at the online workout guide that you’re given access to with your purchase.
One reviewer raved: "I’m a dancer and I bought this to improve my balance. Ever since I started using it, my balance has gotten better. A lot of my friends have asked me where I got it because they also want to improve there balance. Definitely recommend to anyone wanting to improve their balance."
For a little motivation to actually do those crunches and sit-ups instead of just skipping over them in your workout routine, grab this supportive foam ab mat. The curved design offers lumbar support to reduce strain on your back and gives you the perfect amount of elevation to have a proper form. Use the mat for side leg raises in addition to core exercises by using the included resistance band.
One reviewer raved: ​​"As mention before, I like price and have been using this abdominal mat for sit ups. Works great for my lower back and stores easy. Great traveling partner when traveling."
Working out with weights and equipment at home can be damaging to your floors if you’re not careful. If you want to keep the hardwood protected or simply need more space than a yoga mat can offer, put together this 24 square foot exercise mat to really feel like you’re at the gym. The thick mat can be put together and broken down into tiles that are 2-feet-by-2-feet, which makes it easy to store if you don’t always want to keep it out . The high-density foam gives you the support you need and is easy to keep clean thanks to its moisture resistance.
One reviewer raved: "The mats are 1" thick, are made really well and because of the tear off edging, you can use them in just about any layout you can think of. I needed two separate areas covered and had a few tiles left over. The mat looks great and is perfect for martial arts and just about everything else you want to do on them."
Don’t complete your next leg day without these resistance bands. This set of three includes light, medium, and strong bands that’ll really get you to feel the burn in your thighs and glutes. The comfy cloth material will stay in place without pinching your skin while you do a set of kickbacks or squats. With your purchase, you’ll receive access to over 80 workout videos led by a professional trainer so that you’ll have a new routine for your lower body.
One reviewer raved: "These bands are seriously the best bands that I have used. The bands come in a pack of three and each band is labeled light, medium, or strong offering different resistance levels! These are so comfortable and so durable and they don’t pinch or fall out of place while trying to complete a workout. The bands come in a durable black bag which includes a 10 day leg challenge that you complete with the bands. Cute colors as well! Looks exactly as advertised!"
This agility ladder is the best tool to have to work on your speed. Its 20-foot length gives you plenty of space to run drills and its 12 durable plastic rungs can be adjusted to be up to 15 inches apart. The ladder also comes with a carrying bag so you can easily fold it up and throw it over your shoulder to move to your next workout spot.
One reviewer raved: "Great training tool. You can spend a lot more on these, but this one is durable and heavy enough for what it’s for. It folds up nicely and fits into the bag it came in, and rolls back out with no issues. It’s about the size of an umbrella when it’s all folded up, so it’s easy to throw in a bag, the car, a suitcase, and train wherever you are."
This kettlebell can go from 5 to 12 pounds in an instant. Use the top handle alone for five pound weight or add on the 3 pound or 4 pound attachments to customize your workout. The handle is wide enough to control with either one hand or two so you have complete control while doing roman deadlifts or sumo squats.
One reviewer raved: "I was worried that changing out the weights would be too time consuming, but it’s very quick and easy to do in the middle of a workout. Would definitely recommend this kettlebell, especially if you don’t have space for more equipment, but you need some heavier weights."
These quick-dry yoga shorts will keep you cool and comfy even after the sweatiest workout. The breathable material also keeps its elasticity and shape even after washing. Use the two deep side pockets to hold your keys or phone while you run and choose from 25 different styles to go with any cute workout top.
One reviewer raved: "I LOVE these shorts!!! They are incredibly comfortable & very flattering. They compliment my curves & help hide the little extra tummy that shows up randomly. They are squat proof, heavy lifting proof, cardio proof, everything proof!!!! I will be buying more!!"
Place this pull-up bar on the floor for elevated push ups or hang it on any door frame for leg raises. This versatile bar can strengthen your entire upper body and core by using its 12 grip points to complete various exercises. It can hold up to 300 pounds and is simple to assemble.
One reviewer raved: "This was very easy to put together. It’s very solid and sturdy. It’s also easy to take down and put back up which I’m not doing. I’ve got it in a place that I pass by often so I’ll stop and use it. I haven’t done any upper body work or have gone to a gym in a very long time. My exercise has been cycling for many years. I didn’t think I’d ever get off the ground but little by little it’s happening."
Bring the studio to your home with this pilates bar that comes with two attached resistance bands. Step into the loops at the end of each band to work on your deep stretches or do some booty-building lower body exercises. The latex bands can stretch to six times their length and the solid iron bar is covered with durable foam that offer an anti-sweat grip.
One reviewer raved: "GREAT BUY! Fantastic for a full body workout. You can do a good light workout or kick it up a notch for more intensity. I use it for upper body and lower body. There are resistance bands and you can turn the bar to tighten up the bands for more resistance which is a plus! It still gives you a nice workout that works out different muscle groups. Great instruction included with the bar but you can look up even more online. Super happy with this purchase and always great to add more variety to your workouts!"
At just $14, this supportive sports bra can’t be beat. The nylon and spandex blend keep you dry and comfy so you can focus on your reps instead of worrying about sweat stains. The removable pads allow you to customize it for your liking and criss-cross back does a lot more than look cute. The open design makes room for a range of movement so you can still do all the exercises you planned to. Choose from a ton of different colors and prints.
One reviewer raved: "So this is the best supportive sports bra I’ve found on amazon. It’s comfy and provides me with the support I need during my workouts(mostly weights and recumbent bike). Im not a runner but I’m pretty sure it will hold the girls in place if it came up."
Since pushups are already an effective exercise on their own, imagine the benefits from adding pushup stands to the mix. Allowing your body to dip lower, these elevated stands are able to engage more muscle leading to increased definition. The ergonomic handles are made to give a good grip and reduce joint strain on wrists and elbows.
One reviewer raved: "If you workout at home and use bodyweight you need the Perfect Fitness Pushup Elite stands. They allow you to vary your width, strengthen your hands and wrists and alleviate pain, while allowing for deeper pushups. The result is a better chest and tricep pump which translates into more strength and size."
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