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Management started December 1, replacing NRMA franchise.
MELBOURNE- Hertz welcomed the Thrifty and Dollar Car Rental brands to its management in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji on December 1, with the expiry of the master franchise agreement with NRMA to operate the two brands.
Hertz and NRMA reached an agreement earlier this year to transition the Dollar and Thrifty car rental brands back to direct management by Hertz.
The transition involves the brand names only and does not include any of the NRMA’s premises, fleet assets or client contracts.
The Thrifty and Dollar brands will operate from existing Hertz locations in all three countries.
Eoin MacNeill, Vice President, Hertz Asia Pacific, said direct management of the Dollar and Thrifty brands by Hertz will lead to additional customer benefits in the three markets.
“The change is pro-competitive as Hertz will have more brands to compete vigorously with other car rental operators which is good for consumers,” MacNeill said.
“We truly appreciate the loyalty of Thrifty and Dollar customers and business partners and firmly believe all parties will benefit from this arrangement. We look forward to continuing to provide customers with the quality vehicle rentals and service they have come to expect from Thrifty and Dollar. Both Thrifty and Dollar will maintain their unique value propositions for their customers with loyalty programs and other benefits continuing.
“Hertz will look to deliver economies of scale and more customer benefits as the car rental industry recovers and grows in the post-pandemic business environment. We are confident our expertise and industry knowledge will greatly benefit the future management of the Thrifty and Dollar brands within the same stable as other Hertz brands.”
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