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Picking things up and putting them down again is all well and good. But often you are stronger and fitter than your ability to hold onto those things allows. But help it at hand. This is our exclusive MH Squad selection of the best products to enhance your grip, save your skin and accelerate your gains

Why: Gymnastic-style grips are beloved by CrossFit athletes of all abilities, allowing you to ‘hang‘ from the bar, rather than wasting energy holding onto it as hard as you can. Victory Grips have options for hooking your fingers through, but the fingerless ones allow for quicker transitions to the pull-up bar from other movements. For the more advanced athlete, they are ideal for rings, too.

Why: The deadlift may be the king of lifts, but while your body may be able to handle more plates for more reps, your ability to keep a hold on the bending bar is often the limiting factor. Make like The Mountain and use Rogue’s signature straps, instead. After looping one end over your wrist, you then curl the rest around the bar and then cinch them tight. You will feel like a strongman as you attempt to become one.

Why: If you’re jerking, or cleaning, or clean and jerking, the ‘hook grip’ is your ally. By wrapping your hands around the bar as normal but then grabbing onto your thumbs with your fingers, you create a ‘hook’ which helps your rip the bar upwards. But unless you wrap those thumbs, they will be doing the actual ripping. Adapt Tape is easy to apply, effortless adhesive and doesn’t leave a trace of glue when your session is over.
MyProtein Liquid Chalk, £8
Why: Chalk is the OG of grip-enhancers and with good reason. It absorbs moisture without putting particles between your hands and the object you’re dealing with, both securing your hold and reducing the chances of tearing your fingers or palms. While powdered chalk blocks are well and good, most gyms would prefer you didn’t make a mess. Liquid chalk is the ultimate (and clean) option for your kit bag.


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