Better Body Bootcamp Offers High-Energy Workouts for Any Fitness Level –

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From yoga studios to ninja gyms, it seems like there’s no shortage of ways to get fit popping up in the neighborhood. And this past February, Better Body Bootcamp also joined the ring at 487 Driggs Ave.
The gym, which is one of eight locations throughout New York, offers a range of full-body fitness classes focused on abs, weight lifting, cardio, and beyond. According to the Better Body Bootcamp website, the facility promises to “not only combine the most science-based approach with the most innovative workouts on the planet,” but “also have the most welcoming, judgment-free, and inspiring community of staff and members that exists anywhere.”
Better Body Bootcamp also hosts specialty classes tailored around seasons, holidays, and events, like an upcoming seaside workout at Jones Beach and past NBA Finals and Friday the 13th-themed sessions at all locations.
For more information on the Williamsburg schedule, as well as to secure a limited-time free one-month trial, visit the Better Body Bootcamp’s website.
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