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Football season is just around the corner! Teams and players are gearing up for their pre-season training. You don’t have to be a football player to train like one. Everyone can develop a game plan to drive their fitness forward!
Putting your fitness plan in motion is the first step in achieving your fitness goals. Workouts can be simple, quick, and fun! Follow these quick exercises to DRIVE your fitness game plan forward!
Kickoff your summer fitness goals with this warm-up, all you will need is a jump rope!
Warm up with a 30 second interval of jumping rope at whatever pace you are comfortable with, then rest for 30 seconds while rotating the rope side to side. Repeat with 45 second intervals, and again with 1 minute intervals.
Jumping rope engages major muscle groups and is a great warm up to get your heart rate up and your body in motion.
Go at your own pace, you know your body best! And the more you practice the faster you will get!

Down, Set, Hut!

Now that you’ve warmed up those muscles and you’re ready to hustle! Dive into this Football Inspired workout!
20 Heisman Hops
Start by balancing your body weight on your right foot and bring your left leg up towards your chest and lean your body to the right side, like the Heisman trophy! Then, shift your weight to the left side and hop onto your left leg, bringing your right leg up towards your chest. Do this 20 times to get your heart rate going!
To modify, start off slow and step instead of hop! Focus on your balance while shifting your weight from side to side.
10 Burpees
You’ve definitely seen this exercise in a football movie!
Start in a squat position, lower your hands to the floor in front of you. With your weight on your hand, kick your feet back so you are in a pushup position. Jump back to a frog-like position and stand and reach your arm above your head.
There are various modifications to this exercise to increase and decrease difficulty!
10 Pushups
Start on the floor on all fours and place your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Straighten your arms and legs, lower your body at your elbows, keeping your back straight, until your face nearly touches the floor, pause, and push yourself back up!
Modifications can include keeping your knees on the ground instead of having your legs straight out or you can try an incline push up. Follow the directions above but place your hands on a couch or bench to decrease the amount of body weight you are pushing.
10 Squats
Stand with your feet hip width apart and lower your body down, bending at the knees as if you are going to sit in an invisible chair. Straighten your legs to stand back up. And repeat!
10 Lunges (each side)
Start in a standing position with your feet hip width apart and take a long step forward. Bend your knees to a 90 degree angle, then push off from your front leg to return to a standing position. Repeat on the other side.
Repeat this circuit 1-3 times, depending on your preferred intensity level for a workout that gets you in the zone!
Be sure to fuel your body properly while you are working out! Whether you’re starting back football practice or working out in your backyard, here are some tips to stay cool:
Driving your fitness game plan doesn’t have to be expensive! Play it Again Sports ~ Brentwood & Hendersonville have the perfect new and gently used equipment for you to level up your fitness game plan, all at a reasonable price!
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