Prince Harry accused of insulting qualified graduates with mental fitness video – Geo News

Thursday Jul 14, 2022

Prince Harry landed in hot waters with his video for $4.7 billion mental health coaching start-up BetterUp.

Reacting to the video of the 37-year-old giving an insight into how he takes care of his ‘mental fitness’, netizens accused the royal of ‘insulting’ the qualified graduates.
Twitter user @ospenstein asked: “What would he know about that?” In another post, @pattietierney said: “Yet another subject about which he knows nothing.”
A third user @talulahbluebell agreed before adding: “Exactly…insulting to qualified graduates in the field.”
In the short clip, the father-of-two said, “We all have greatness within us.”
“Mental fitness helps us unlock it. It’s an ongoing practice, one where you approach your mind as something to flex, not fix,” he added.
“Throughout the years of travelling around the world, what I saw was the similarities of experiences of trauma, of loss, of grief, of being human,” he said before emphasizing carrying out a series of exercises to ‘build up resilience’.


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