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Local, independent gyms and fitness studios offer a sense of community, as they typically draw in small and consistent fitness-focused crowds and are often operated by those living in or around the neighborhood. They can offer specific types of training and small group classes facilitated by trainers who are truly passionate about their fitness careers. By joining an independent gym or studio, not only are you furthering your fitness journey and becoming a part of a tight knit community, but you are also often supporting families of the neighborhood in which you reside by being a member. With that in mind, here are several local, independent gyms and studios in and around the Bushwick area. 
Absolute Power Gym
Stacked with weight training equipment and cardio machines, as well as a turf area for individual training, this local gym has what you need to succeed. To continue to serve the health needs of its members, Absolute Power also offers a variety of healthy protein shakes, workout enhancers, RTDs and fitness apparel. Personal trainers are also available to assist with meal plans and training advice. This old school gym with a new school mindset also includes locker rooms, showers and a studio for small group classes. When you enter the doors of Absolute Power, owner Miguel immediately makes you feel like family. 
Absolute Power has a variety of membership rates to choose from based on your preference or needs. A one year commitment membership is $49 per month plus a $39 maintenance fee. A month-to-month membership costs $59 per month plus a $39 maintenance fee. Day passes are also available for $15. Contact the gym for more information on personal training. 
Absolute Power is located at 750 Grand St. 
CrossFit Bridge & Tunnel
As a Level Method gym, CrossFit Bridge & Tunnel follows the philosophy: “Assess, Address, Progress. We believe you cannot grow if you do not know where you’re starting from.” 
The owners of CrossFit Bridge & Tunnel bring a variety of skills and fitness knowledge to the gym, as both Anthony Musemici and Michele Gretano are USA Weightlifting Advanced Sports Performance Coaches. Musemici is also CrossFit level 3-certified CrossFit trainer as well as a CrossFit kids, mobility and gymnastics instructor. Gretano is CrossFit level 2-certified and also certified in BIRTHFIT, or pregnant and postpartum training. Offering workouts designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes, CrossFit Bridge & Tunnel has small classes that combine strength training, functional mobility and high intensity interval workouts with personal attention from experienced coaches. Six week barbell speciality classes are also offered in cycles by head coach Musemici. In addition, six week nutrition courses are available to further your healthy lifestyle goals. If you are new to CrossFit and interested in learning more, book a “No Sweat Intro” with a trainer to get started.
CrossFit Bridge & Tunnel offers a variety of membership options, however they do require that all new members begin with three assessment sessions scheduled with their coach. The remainder of the first month of group classes is also included in the package, which is priced at $299. 
CrossFit Bridge & Tunnel is located at 1611 George St. 
Brotherhood Boxing Club
Offering youth and adult programs, Brotherhood Boxing Club “will show you how to unlock the techniques used for centuries by some of the world’s best conditioned athletes – boxers.” Skills that will be learned include footwork, offense, defense and counters. Private, one-on-one lessons are also offered to individualize and intensify your training. 
Private training sessions are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and can be scheduled via Instagram direct messaging. The youth and adult schedule can be found on the boxing gym’s website. Contact the gym to learn about pricing. 
Brotherhood Boxing Club is located at 82 Wyckoff Ave. 
Wick Pilates + Movement
Make movement the best part of your week at Wick Pilates + Movement. This newly established pilates studio is Bushwick’s first fully equipped pilates studio. At Wick, you can expect highly qualified pilates instructors as well as traditional and contemporary teaching methods. The studio features mats, props, reformers and other equipment necessary for your session. They also have an accessible bathroom, making it easy to change before your class begins.
If you are new to pilates, fear not. All of Wick’s classes are open level. Many current clients recommend partaking in a private session prior to a group session, however it is not required. If you purchase a class pack on your first visit, your first class will be free, also known as the “Newbie Perk.” Wick’s offers a wide range of class options. Reformer classes cost $37 per class, while mat and prop classes will set you back $25. There are also class bundle packages that will save you a bit of money if you plan on going back. To seamlessly book your choice of session, you can view Wick’s class schedule calendar via desktop or on the Mindbody app.
Wick Pilates + Movement is located at 45 Irving Ave. 
Green Fitness Studio
What makes Green Fitness Studio different from the rest? It is an eco-friendly facility, featuring bamboo floors in the group fitness studios, recycled rubber flooring in the workout area, remanufactured/refurbished and self-powered gym equipment, a living roof and more. This green gym also boasts a full service studio that offers personal training, nutritional coaching, massages, spa treatments and a juice bar. 
Green Fitness Studio offers a variety of classes to spice up your exercise routine. Members can pick from spin, hot yoga, hip-hop dance classes or pilates. You even have the option to join the boxing program, which offers an adult and kids schedule, or Green’s mixed martial arts (MMA) program, where Brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay thai, also known as Thai boxing, and aikido classes are offered.
If Green Fitness Studio sounds like it could be the right fit for you, check out its membership options, which include a one-day pass for $10, a $75 month-to-month membership or its 2022 New Year special, which costs $199 for three months.
Green Fitness Studio is located at 232 Varet St.
Spirit Taekwondo
At Spirit Taekwondo, students can expect to further learn how the body and mind are connected, learn to make healthier lifestyle choices, exhibit increased positivity and improve their overall wellness. Spirit Taekwondo first opened in Ridgewood in February 2011 and offers programs for all age groups. At Spirit, you will learn to take command of not only your physical abilities but also your mental abilities. Each workout is personally tailored, with various intensity levels. You’ll also learn the values of meditation for self control and focus. The martial arts school holds tournaments and sells sparring gear, uniforms and accessories. Change up or add taekwondo to your gym routine by signing up for Spirit’s four week introductory program.
Spirit Taekwondo is located at 62-71 Fresh Pond Rd.  
The Dojo
With a central focus on jiu-jitsu and muay thai, The Dojo’s goal is “to create an atmosphere that promotes the ability to learn the virtues of all martial arts.” Founder Gabriel Marte has over 20 years of mixed martial arts experience and is an instructor of both jiu-jitsu and muay thai. Marte is accompanied by a small team of knowledgeable instructors, including Juan Naula, who teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu and holds a purple belt, Brett Hlavacek, head muay thai instructor and current fighter for Lion Fight Promotions, and Kim Hlavacek, a Ridgewood/Glendale native with over 14 years of muay thai experience. She consistently trains in Thailand to stay current with her craft. 
The program schedule is presented in an easily readable format. If interested in becoming a martial arts student at The Dojo, sign up for a free trial class of your choosing. 
The Dojo is located at 10-82 Cypress Ave. 
Featured image courtesy of Absolute Power Gym.
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