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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 17: Jessica Alba is seen as RH Celebrates The Unveiling of RH San Francisco, The Gallery at the Historic Bethlehem Steel Building on March 17, 2022 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for RH)
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If you’ve ever wondered what a workout with Jessica Alba might look like, you’re in luck. Yesterday, the actor and entrepreneur shared a generous peek into her sweat life via a time-lapse video she posted on Instagram. In the post, she’s crushing a workout with trainer Ramona Braganza set to the summer’s breakout hit (and perfect motivational workout soundtrack), Beyonce’s new single, “Break My Soul.”
“Sharing some #mondaymotivation,” she wrote in the caption. “I’ve been working with my girl @ramonabraganza to try and get back on my ish — it ain’t easy, but we’re doing it!”
First, Alba gets to work on the at-home SoulCycle bike, doing a 30-minute class with trainer Claire Jones — and that’s just her warmup. Next up, Alba does three rounds of a brutal-looking strength circuit, which she details in the caption of the video, including TRX rows, plyometric Bulgarian split squats, barbell bench presses, and plank crunches with sliders. She finishes up with some yoga poses and stretching — “so important, don’t forget,” she writes in the caption.

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This total-body strength circuit is masterfully designed with just four exercises that, together, hit every muscle group (back and biceps; legs and glutes; shoulders, chest, and triceps; and core, in that order). And Alba moves through it just as masterfully, even adding a small jump onto the Bulgarian split squats (not easy).
For the record, while many experts recommend doing strength before cardio (to save your energy to perform more high-quality reps of your strength moves), it’s OK to warm up with some low-intensity cardio to get your blood flowing to your muscles — just be sure to save some juice for the rest of your workout.
And in case you’re just here for the outfit deets, her cute matching set appears to be part of Adidas’s Stella McCartney collection, while her ultrawhite sneakers come from the brand’s signature Ultraboost line. Her clip-in cycling shoes come from the brand Sidi.
Want to give her workout a try? It is a solid workout routine for anyone — beginners to advanced — and can be easily modified for your current abilities or if you don’t have much workout equipment at home. As Alba says, “If you’re game, try out the below & lmk what you think.”
Equipment needed: a barbell or set of dumbbells, a TRX or resistance band, a set of sliders or two small towels, and a bench or step that’s one to two feet tall.
Directions: Start with a light cardio warmup, whether for five, 10, or 30 minutes, like Alba. You can walk, bike, or do a dynamic bodyweight warmup. Do each move for the number of reps listed, and then rest as needed before moving on to the next exercise. Do the whole circuit three times total, and then cool down with some stretching or yoga.
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