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96% of Belgians buy at least one organic product per year, and two out of three Belgians buy their organic products in supermarkets. We are encouraged to eat organic food, but is it necessarily better?
In 2021, Belgian household spending on organic products increased by 4.6% compared to 2020. In the last decade or so, the increase is 113%. People are obviously taking the advice to eat organic very seriously.
There are two important aspects to address when talking about organic. Is it better for health on the one hand, and is organic really organic? Because there is increasing mistrust in relation to organic products, and in relation to food in general.
Synthetic pesticides cannot be used during the production of organic food. This does not exclude the presence of residues on arrival.
While European standards ban pesticides, producers outside the EU continue to use them so consumers are first advised to buy European organic products, specifically Belgian since it is strongly recommended to eat local.
Organic foods are often – at least when it comes to fruits and vegetables – richer in nutrients. They therefore contain more vitamins, minerals, and especially antioxidants. The food that must defend itself against certain aggressors, will develop certain defences, including antioxidants and zinc.
Not necessarily according to experts.
Especially if you pay attention to your budget, which is the case for the majority of people. We are encouraged to favour organic for fruits and vegetables even if the other products we buy are non-organic.
Ideally, consumers should buy the most local products possible, and if you find local organic products, that’s even better.
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