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The Meta Quest 2 can bring joy, adrenaline, and even exercise to your gaming experience, so here are our top picks for the best Oculus Quest 2 games in 2022.
VR has increased in popularity since its introduction to the gaming industry. Such popularity and demand mean the games just keep on coming, popular titles head over to VR, and the experiences just keep getting better. This is especially prominent in the accessible Oculus Quest 2 which boasts an all-in-one solution for VR gaming, without the need for multiple wires attached to a beefy PC.
Such a design has been well received in the gaming industry which only strengthens the number of fantastic video games being released on the all-in-one VR headset. However, with so many new games being released on the Meta Quest 2 it can be tough to find the right one for you.
Whether you’re playing alone or streaming to a TV, we have compiled a list of some of the best Meta Quest 2 games. From expert shooting to hitting boxes with a lightsaber, here are our picks.
Updated 22 July, 2022.
Superhot may have begun as a “flat” game, but its VR version remains the best way to play it. Superhot VR plays with a unique but simple concept – time only moves when you do.
Playing out as a series of combat puzzles, sitting still will let you plan your next move in perpetuity, letting you dodge bullets, throw items, and punch opponents as if you’ve stepped into The Matrix.
Nothing in VR compares to punching an opponent, grabbing their gun as it falls to the floor, firing at another enemy before hurling your weapon at another. It’s essential.
If Superhot VR is The Matrix, then Pistol Whip is John Wick. This rhythm shooter puts guns in your hands and sets you roaming through colorful levels to take out enemies that outnumber you dozens to one.
Thankfully, movement is automatic, so you get to focus on the shooting. While you can play Pistol Whip as a straight-up, Time Crisis style on-rails shooter, those looking to hit the highest scores will want to time their fire to the beats of the game’s thumping soundtrack.
And yes, you can do the “cross arms and shoot bad guys on either side” pose that you’ve always dreamed of.
For a perfect way to experience scale in VR, Moss is a nifty third-person platform that puts you in the adorable little scarf of a mouse named Quill. She’ll wander through diorama-inspired worlds where you can peer into scenes to help solve puzzles, and just enjoy your little companion’s company.
Moss is one of Quest 2’s best-looking titles, too. Its world is dense with detail, and Quill’s animations are endlessly endearing whether you’re uncovering secrets or swinging a sword.
Thoughts on the TV show aside, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners marks one of the most impressive VR games available for your Quest 2.
As you can imagine, you’ll be going face to rotting face with the undead, armed with guns, blades, and your fists. As you make your way through New Orleans in the game’s campaign, you’ll find all sorts of surprises – and not always the good kind.
Expect gory combat, impressive visuals, and an unnerving sense of dread every time you check behind you.
Lightsaber fans have a lot to enjoy on this list (spoiler for the next entry), but Vader Immortal is the closest you’ll get to wielding one in an actual duel.
This trilogy of Star Wars vignettes adds up to a relatively short title, but throughout its runtime, you’ll be meeting iconic characters, battling droids, and going toe-to-toe with Lord Vader himself.
There’s also a Dojo mode to hone your Jedi skills with, for when you’re done with the story and want to experience the excellent combat without losing a virtual limb to Anakin.
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One of gaming’s most iconic franchises, Resident Evil is no stranger to VR thanks to Resident Evil 7’s excellent PSVR conversion and the upcoming PSVR 2 version of Resident Evil Village.
And yet, we’re still surprised just how well Resident Evil 4, long considered the peak of the series, performs in VR on Meta Quest 2. Not only does the full campaign make the jump, including fun VR additions like dual-wielding pistols, but Mercenaries mode is here, too.
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Arguably the poster child for VR, Beat Saber is just as addictive on the Oculus Quest 2 as it is on any other platform.
The concept is simple – you slash colored blocks with the corresponding lightsaber, taking note of the directions you need to slash in. The joy of Beat Saber is not only in its pulsating soundtrack but also in its customizability.
Players can tweak almost everything in each song, slowing things down, removing arrows, or opting to play with a single hand. That makes it accessible for VR newcomers, while also offering the chance to show off in front of your friends when you hit Expert mode.
Les Mills’ famous “bodycombat” fitness regimen has come to Faceboks Meta Quest 2, and it’s not only fun — it’ll make a lasting impression on your health, too.
With thirty workout plans that feature martial arts-style movements and motion, you’ll be punching, kicking, and more while the soundtrack keeps you pushing harder.
It’s ideal for newcomers, too, with specifically tailored beginner workouts for those that just getting used to workout plans, VR, or both.
Sadly, climbing the world’s highest peaks isn’t all that easy to do, but The Climb 2 brings them to your gaming setup. There are also skyscrapers to climb if you get bored of the view at the top of gargantuan mountains.
Climbing each is fun, but adding in the occasional cave network and competitive climbing gives the Climb much more replayability — especially as you scavenge to find hidden shortcuts to get yourself a leg up on the competition.
Just, uh… don’t look down.
Feeling like the kind of task you’d expect to see contestants try to complete on a TV game show, OhShape is a VR rhythm game that’s for more than just your arms.
In OhShape, you’ll match your body to shapes cut out of a wall as it comes toward you. Match the cut-out, and you’ll get to the next round.
Offering Party Mode to compete with friends, a variety of difficulty levels, and the option to import custom audio, you’ll almost forget that you’re getting a workout while you play.
There are some genres that work great in a VR setting. Shooters? Sure. Horror? Yep, makes sense. Zenith, however, might be the most ambitious game on this list — it’s a full MMORPG in VR form.
This fantasy title has a huge open world to explore, where you can climb or fly anywhere on the map. There’s also full RPG combat, meaning you can throw spells around, or swing a sword. And the best part? Completing quests and unlocking chests can reward players with loot, which in VR feels much more meaningful — prepare to grow weirdly attached to that new sword you just earned.
A Battle Royale in VR sounds like a stressful way to spend an afternoon, and while Population: One does get a little tense, it’s so fun that it’s easy to want to jump straight back in after a match is over.
The Battle Royale formula is becoming increasingly stale, but a change of perspective works wonders for the usual “land, loot, hunt” gameplay loop. Shooting in Population: One feels solid, but it also takes a cue from Breath of the Wild with some liberating climbing mechanics that let you literally get the drop on your opponents.
You can even spread your wings to glide when you leap off of a building, meaning traversal can be closer to Apex Legends than it is to PUBG.
The perfect test of coordination and communication, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is a multiplayer game where you’ll team up with your friends in the room.
Through Quest 2, you’ll see a complex bomb, covered in keypads, buttons, and wires to cut. As you’d expect, you’ll need to disarm it, but your friends are the ones with the intel on how to do that via their phones or tablets.
What follows is a frantic conversation about serial numbers, wire colors, and which parts need to be removed in what order, all while a clock ticks down. It’ll certainly get you sweating.
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So, there you have it – our picks for the best Meta Quest 2 games in 2022. When you’re ready to take off your Oculus Quest 2, check out the following:
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