One-bedroom Brooklyn sailboat for rent at $600 a month, shower 'at nearby gym' – New York Post

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A $600 one-bedroom apartment in the trendy Greenpoint section of Brooklyn would be a bargain, but one unit that’s being advertised on Craigslist comes with quite a catch — it’s on a sailboat, and it comes with no shower or wifi.
“Sailboat for rent,” reads the listing.
“Suitable for one. $600 per month. Has toilet, faucets, solar power, stove and heater.”
Anyone looking to bathe themselves each day will have to find a creative solution, according to the Craiglist offer.
“No shower, most common solution is a membership at a nearby gym,” the listing reads.
“No wifi, can use a mobile hotspot. 5 minute walk to 7 train. Minimum stay is 3 months or longer.”
The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Greenpoint is $4,000 — a 70% increase from a year ago, according to the market research firm Zumper.
Just across the East River, rental prices in Manhattan recently blew past $5,000 a month.
As of noontime on Friday, however, the post was still active on Craigslist, meaning that it has yet to be snapped up.
The online listing includes photos of what appears to be a cramped living space on board the vessel.
In October of last year, the local news site Greenpointers wrote a feature about an artist who lived on a sailboat that was docked in Newtown Creek.
After he lost his job at the start of the pandemic, he found a listing on Craigslist for a one-bedroom sailboat in Greenpoint, the hipster-friendly area sandwiched between uber-trendy Williamsburg and Long Island City.
In the article, Jaime, 34, describes how he showers at a local gym, has to drag gallons of water that he took from a nearby fire hydrant, and lives without an air conditioner. It is unclear if his boat is the same one being offered up for rent on Craigslist.
Jaime also says that when large tugboats and barges sail through the creek, they generate waves that rock his living space back and forth as if he were experiencing an earthquake.
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