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Ready to hit the gym, but don’t know where to start? The beginning of a fitness journey can feel overwhelming. With so many factors to take into consideration, what you need at the gym shouldn’t be one of them. Check out these five gym essentials for those starting a new fitness journey! 
Comfortable Clothing 
It’s hard to work out when you don’t feel like yourself! Make sure you dress in clothes you feel comfortable in. Look for moisture wicking, breathable fabrics to help keep you cool throughout your workout. When it comes to fitness wear, function is more important than fashion. Remember not to compare yourself to others because comfort has a different definition for everybody.  Above all, wear what makes you feel good!
Pump up the jams while you pump that iron! Curate a playlist with music that energizes you and inspires you to push yourself to the limit! Any headphones will do, but wireless, waterproof headphones are ideal for comfort and function.  
Supportive Shoes 
Wellness builds from the bottom up. Make sure you’re taking care of your body starting with your feet. Your gym shoes will include different features depending on what you’ll be focusing on in your fitness journey. A lot of running and cardio will require cushioning technology and arch support. If you’re wanting to focus primarily on weight lifting, you’ll want to wear a shoe that provides stability and grip. Looking at HIIT training? Wear shoes that provide strong lateral support and plenty of cushioning. 
Consistency builds results. Be sure to find a way to hold yourself on track when the going gets rough. Find an accountability buddy to check in with. Log your workouts on a fitness watch or app on your phone. Before too long, if you keep pushing, this pattern will become a habit!
A “Why”
At the end of the day, your success boils down to one thing: you! When you have a reason for embarking on your fitness journey, you are so much more likely to succeed. Find your why and be sure to remind yourself of it every time you lace up your trainers. 

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