UCLA Security Guard Almost Denied Draymond Green Entry To The Gym: "That's A Champ, Bro" – Fadeaway World

Credit: TikTok/lavidadejose
Draymond Green must be one of the most recognizable faces in the NBA, yet not everybody seems to know the player that well. After winning his fourth NBA championship with the Golden State Warriors, the big man is ready to keep improving his level and is already putting in the work to take his game to the next stage. 
Green has been in LA seeing and playing some games, as he did last week when LeBron James took part in the Drew League alongside DeMar DeRozan. Meanwhile, he's been working out, although he was almost denied the chance to participate in one of these sessions. 
Recently, the veteran big man made his way to UCLA, where he was scheduled to attend a workout. He made it and ran into a group of fans waiting for stars outside the gym, but that wasn't it for Green. One security guard was hesitant about letting him in, and Dray had to work his magic to convince him. 
A TikTok user shared a video of Draymond talking with the security guard, trying to prove that he was set to take place in a workout. The person recording the video and the rest of the fans tried to help him out until Draymond finally entered the facilities after greeting the fans waiting for him outside the gym. 
"That's a champ, bro, you gotta let him through," the TikTok user was heard saying. 
It's crazy to see a player of Draymond Green's caliber not be recognized, but not everybody must know every NBA star just because. In the end, he was let in and made it to the gym, showing his respect to the fans that helped him convince the security guard and celebrated when he went through. 


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