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Lupita Nyong’o would rather play tag with her friends than go to the gym.
The ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ actress admitted working out is beneficial to her mental health, as well as her physical condition, but she looks to do something “achievable” that keeps her active rather than sticking to weights and machines.
She said: “For me, working out is very much a part of my mental health regimen. I find that I grow very lethargic when I don’t work out, and it changes my mood. For my own sake, and the sake of the people who I’m hanging out with, it’s better if I work out. It’s about caring for yourself.
“I’ve come to realise that working out does not require a gym. You can work out with your body weight, which I love.
“Personally, if I find ways to make my workouts easily achievable, it’s more likely I will commit to them. I have a jump rope that I love to use. I will play tag with my friends and get my heartbeat going. I think moving is important.”
The 39-year-old star is currently planning a trip back to Kenya to see her family and no matter how often she visits, she always finds something “new and surprising” to explore.
She told “I am so excited, because I’m going home soon to Kenya. It’s always good to go home. I’m looking forward to spending time with family.
“I love to visit my country, because I always find it new and surprising. We have so much diversity and topography, our landscape. I like to go and explore different parts of the country.
“It never goes old visiting different parts of my home. I think you take it for granted until you leave – that’s when you really start to appreciate it.”
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