Katy Perry Asks About Cortisone Cream on Orlando Bloom Gym Pic – Cosmopolitan

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😭not the cortisone cream!
Don’t know if you’ve noticed yourself feeling especially parched lately, but it might be because Orlando Bloom’s Instagram is an extremely thirsty place. Like, can we talk about this?

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Or the photos lurking several swipes into this?
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Legolas is simply on one, and naturally Katy Perry is here to troll him, and Comments by Celebs is here to capture said troll for all eternity:

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Ummm…obsessed with this/them.
Anyway! In other Katy and Orlando news, apparently they’re *potentially* ready to expand their family and have another kid. A source recently told Entertainment Tonight that the couple are “very in love and would love to expand their family,” noting that “Katy and Orlando are doing really well and amazing. Their relationship is very strong and they have parenting down. They also have figured out how to balance their busy schedules, but also make time for each other.”
Back in April, Katy told E! News that any baby plans would have to wait until after her Las Vegas residency (which runs through August), saying “I’m in Vegas, and I can’t do that show with anything in my belly, especially a human.” And by the way, life with Daisy sounds pretty ideal—Katy said “she’s running, she says ‘I love you,’ she colors, [and] she’s got pigtails.”


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