Fitness Expert Nawaz Shaikh Helps Business Tycoons And Leaders To Optimize Their Lifestyle And Mental Health – wknd.

Tuesday, Aug 09, 2022 | Muharram 11, 1444
Published: Mon 8 Aug 2022, 11:22 AM
Nawaz understands that a daily routine of an entrepreneur is always filled with hectic work schedules, constant meetings, discussions &responsibility to take their startup towards success which keeps the entrepreneurs so engaged that they fail to give enough attention to their fitness & health. More importantly, they deal with immense stress & anxiety, causing diseases like PCOD, Thyroid, diabetes and heart attacks.
Nawaz has worked with more than 5000+ business leaders and entrepreneurs, and the number one issue everyone complained about was “I don’t have much time”, but being an entrepreneur himself, he is aware and relates extremely well with the requirements and conditions of this issue. This is where his expertise lies. Nawaz Shaikh& his FITX Transformation team give one-on-one online fitness consultations and help individuals choose the right diet & workout routine that will enhance the balancing of hormones and improve mental health, leading to a more active lifestyle. As a result, more energy to run the business to greater heights. Success is only when you constantly feel motivated & Nawaz is that motivation behind it.
E.g., In some cases, supplementation is needed for the client. Especially for vegetarians, we suggest them to have whey protein.
Then many of our male clients need to optimize their sleep patterns for weight reduction, so we use natural herbs like Ashwagandha to improve their circadian system, sleep, recovery, and testosterone levels. (all under the expertise and guidance of his in-house Nutrition doctor)
Techniques used by Nawaz have been doing wonders and have been showing surprising results to the entrepreneurs.


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