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RAPTORS: It’s Rico season. These highlights are getting us through the slow season. What highlight or type of highlight excites you the most? Freddie is back doing warm up at Family Feud and it got him thinking: Who would be the five Raptors you’d want to see play and which two would do “Fast Money”?
NBA: Andrew Wiggins brought the Larry OB to Vaughan. If you brought the championship trophy to your hometown, what would you do? The Durant saga continues. Now it’s Durant VS Tsai. If you were a mediator in this tough situation, what would you do?
With Jordan Foisy and Katie Heindl!
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Which starters for the Raptors are going to average more points next season, and which will average less?
Are the Raptors gonna be a top-tier team in the east next season? Is it time for Precious to get some game starts?
With the Durant talk continuing on, which Raptors are getting overvalued and undervalued?
vs PHI 76ers
@ PHI 76ers
vs PHI 76ers
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