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Life Fitness IC6 Indoor Cycle Bikes and Coach By Color® training system now at Mundelein Health & Fitness Center. Photo provided by Life Fitness
Mundelein Health & Fitness Center is premiering its new Life Fitness IC6 Indoor Cycle Bikes and Coach By Color® training system. During the week of November 7, the fitness center will offer free classes to try the new bikes and training program. Reservations will be required to reserve a spot.
The IC6 combines innovative design with high-quality mechanical and electronic components. The WattRate® TFT computer 2.0 displays the user’s effort in watts with high accuracy.
The Coach by Color® power program improves riding experience and helps achieve fitness goals by delivering real-time, color-coded feedback. Coach by Color has five colored training zones: white, blue, green, yellow and red. The color displayed while riding is controlled by the user’s functional threshold of power (FTP.) Once the user’s personal FTP is established by the bike’s computer, a rider can accurately understand their effort as they ride.
“Mundelein Health & Fitness Center is one of the first gyms in the area to purchase the IC6 indoor cycle line,” said Nicole Schaller, Fitness Coordinator. “ICG bikes are designed to customize the ride to individual fitness levels. A novice and professional cyclist can take the same class and leave feeling challenged, engaged and successful. There is no doubt that riders will feel and see progress after embracing this new technology.”
Free classes will be available to fitness members and the public November 7-13 as part of a members appreciation event. Registration is required. Members can register beginning October 24 and nonmembers October 27. Spots are limited to the number of bikes available. Class dates are:
Monday 11/7 7:30-8:30 am | Prog: 106.25.3 5:10-6 pm | Prog: 107.25.3
Tuesday 11/8 6-6:45 am | Prog: #108.25.3 6-7 pm | Prog: 109.25.3
Wednesday 11/9 7:15-8:15 pm | Prog: #110.25.3
Thursday 11/10 6-6:45 am | Prog: 111.25.3
Friday 11/11 9:30-10:30 am | Prog: 112.25.3
Saturday 11/12 7:10-8 am | Prog: 113.25.3
Sunday 11/13 9-10 am | Prog: 114.25.3
You can reserve a spot by visiting


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