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Water makes up an average of 60% of the human body, doing all different types of things to benefit your organs and joints that we will discuss. What does that mean? It is essential to survive. However, a lot of the water people consume can still contain bacteria and other impurities, even after the purification process. This is where ZenWTR comes in.
ZenWTR is ultra purified to make sure that its users are hydrating with water that is free of all contaminants. We are going to be looking at the benefits of ZenWTR, specifically aimed towards strength and performance athletes.
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Well, just on the surface water is two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, H2O. However, it gets much deeper than just a molecular build, so let’s dive in.
Let’s take a look at the things that water can do for you, and there are a lot. Water is responsible for carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells, flushing bacteria from your bladder, aiding digestion and preventing constipation. Water also helps with normalizing blood pressure, cushioning joints and protecting organs and tissues and regulating body temperature while maintaining electrolyte (sodium) balance.
Now water, even if you think it is clean and purified, can still have contaminants in it. What are the most common contaminants found in water?
Things like these being found in water can lead to some serious health problems, like brain issues, birth defects, skin issues, bone wasting, low energy and so on. This can be detrimental to your performance in and out of the gym. Just think, if your energy is low, how are you supposed to perform at your best? If your bone is wasting away, you are increasing the risk of injury and not performing at 100%. 
This is why there is alkaline water.
Alkaline water is water with a pH level higher than 7. It is said to do things like reduce acidity in the bloodstream, boost metabolism, increase energy, improve digestion, and slow bone wasting. These are all optimal for athletic performance, but we will touch on this later. First let’s look at the product before the benefits it brings.
Now let’s take a look at ZenWTR, the main topic of today’s discussion. Now ZenWTR is an alkaline water, but much more purified for better results. And on top of that, ZenWTR is a mission-based company. They work to help preserve our oceans with every bottle they make. ZenWTR is the only beverage in the world in bottles made from 100% recycled, certified ocean-bound plastic, which means the plastic they recycle to make their bottles was rescued from at-risk coastal environments, preventing it from reaching and polluting the ocean.

The water used for ZenWTR is undergoing advanced micron filtration, carbon filtration and reverse osmosis filtration. Then it passes through ultraviolet treatment, which disinfects microorganisms or any remaining bacteria from water.
Before being ionized and re-mineralized with minerals, ZenWTR is processed through vapor distillation, the gold standard in water purification, which rids it of any possible remaining contaminants, leaving the water incredibly pure.
The pH value in ZenWTR is up to 9.5. The bottle is BPA free, 100% recycled, and 100% recyclable. Who doesn’t love a little environmental friendliness?
ZenWTR is unique in its own right. The purification process of ZenWTR is alone something that is not done for other products that are similar. ZenWTR has a 9.5 pH alkalinity, which is higher than the standard alkaline waters on the market.
Now ZenWTR brings a load of benefits to the table. Sure it hydrates you, but there is so much else as far as pros, especially for athletes.
The biggest being the 9.5 pH alkalinity, which means it is very far from acidic. Acidic water has been linked to bone loss, which is not ideal, especially for athletes. Bone wasting in athletes can lead to a multitude of injuries, decrease in performance, and overall is not ideal. 
Being that ZenWTR is so far from being acidic, it is an optimal choice of drink for athletes. They can drink it without worrying about the side effects of possible acidity that comes with water that is non-alkaline. 
Alkaline water is said to bring detoxifying benefits. Water alone helps detoxify, but the minerals in alkaline water, like ZenWTR, help ensure you have balanced pH levels. It makes sure nutrients reach your cells and waste leaves them.
What this means for athletes in particular is better performance. When you eat your meals, especially pre and post workout, you want to be 100% sure that those nutrients reach your cells. Many athletes do “carb loads” before heavy lifts or bodybuilding shows to fill out and make sure the nutrients reach their cells to make them either lift heavier, or look bigger. A product like ZenWTR is something that could help greatly with that.
Alkaline water is said to increase energy. Those contaminants that can possibly be found in basic waters or tap water can actually slow your energy. So you want something that is as far away from acidic as possible, which makes ZenWTR a good contender. 
The increase in energy would essentially lead to better performance for athletes. What athlete would not want that?
The further away from being acidic water is, it is said to boost metabolism more. With the high alkaline value in ZenWTR, your metabolism would essentially be working faster. This in turn makes it easier to burn calories.
For athletes, if your goal is to lose weight this is ideal. However, if you are trying to bulk up it can be somewhat detrimental. On the bright side, if you are burning more calories during your workout, you can eat a little more!
But, a faster metabolism essentially means your body is being flushed out faster, which circles back to the detoxifying qualities. 
Now, ZenWTR definitely is not cheap. But, it is very far from acidic and purified like no other, and also environmentally friendly. These are all pros that make the price a little more understandable. There are a few different price options for ZenWTR.
1 Liter (Case of 12): $35.99, or for subscribers it is $30.59
23.7 oz (Case of 12): $29.99 or for subscribers it is $25.49 
16.9 oz (Case of 24) $35.99 or for subscribers it is $30.59
It is definitely not the cheapest option, but we strongly encourage you to look into what goes into it before purchasing or not purchasing. 
Also, ZenWTR donates 1% of all sales to credible organizations working in ocean conservation and recycling advancement in the U.S., so every purchase also gives back.
ZenWTR is unique in its own right. The purification process of ZenWTR is alone something that is not done for other products that are similar. ZenWTR has a 9.5 pH alkalinity, which is higher than the standard alkaline waters on the market.
Overall, ZenWTR is unique in its own right. The purification process of ZenWTR is alone something that is not done for other products that are similar. The purification process also gives ZenWTR a 9.5 pH alkalinity, which is higher than the standard alkaline waters on the market, and this leads into the next point.
The amount of benefits brought by the alkalinity in ZenWTR is great, especially for athletes. The high alkalinity can help prevent bone wasting, delivering nutrients to cells, removing waste from cells, and increasing energy. Every athlete can gain from these benefits, both in and out of the gym.
Price is high, but ZenWTR’s purification process and environmentally friendly background make it more understandable. They’re the only bottled water using 100% recycled, certified ocean-bound plastic to make their bottles. They also were the first beverage to be certified plastic negative, which means they support programs that recover and recycle 200% of their annual plastic footprint. 
In the end, we do recommend looking into ZenWTR to do your own research before purchasing it or turning it away. 
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