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Taking a gym in Pokemon GO is only half the battle; you must hold it to get your rewards. Here are the best pokémon to leave behind as defenders.
Taking Pokémon GO gyms is one of the cornerstones of gameplay and earning rewards. Taking the gym is only the start, though, as you now must leave a pokémon behind to guard the gym for you. In highly populated areas, there's a good chance your gym will be taken right out from under you before you get the rewards.
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Leaving behind the best pokémon for the job will help assure that your hard-earned gym stays under your team's leadership for longer. Here are the best pokémon you need to have ready to leave being a defender for your gyms.
Metagross has a decent defense stat and a higher attack. Metagross is usually a difficult enemy to take down. Its higher attack stat helps it to chip away at an enemy while also surviving the incoming damage.
Metagross is best for defense using Zen Headbutt as a fast attack. This has a higher base attack than the other option, and it pairs well with Psychic as a charged attack. With its types being Steel and Psychic, there is a much larger than normal list of types that do less than usual amounts of damage to him.
Rhyperior has a higher defense and is usually difficult to take down. Its type affinity makes it susceptible to more attack types than usual, but it takes little to no damage from a non-super-effective move. Rhyperior also comes with a surprisingly high attack to match its high defense.
Rhyperior is best when used with Mud-Slap as its fast attack. Its charged attack can be chosen between Earthquake or Rock Wrecker — depending on preference or wanting to branch out to be super effective against other types.
Unless your enemy is using an Ice-type pokémon, Dragonite is a great attacker and just as great a defender. While it doesn't have a noteworthy defense, its high attack allows it to finish off an enemy before they can do the same to it.
Dragonite is best used to defend with Dragon Tail as its fast attack. Dragon Tail has one of the highest base damages of a fast attack, making it perfect for a defender. Outrage is its best charge attack ability, and its lower charge time will help it be charged and used quickly while on defense.
Gyarados is a jack of all trades in this game. It is perfect to use when taking a gym and just as perfect to leave behind to guard it. Its attack is high, but not incredible — but it is well-rounded enough to be good at defending.
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It is best used with Waterfall on defense. Its high base damage, mixed with few weaknesses, give it few counters it can't finish off first. Outrage is also its best charge attack, dealing high damage and recharging quickly.
Togekiss is both Flying and Fairy, meaning nothing is double super effective to it. A very large percent of upper-tier pokémon are either dragons or use dragon-type moves, meaning a fairy type is the perfect defense.
Togekiss is well-rounded but specializes in being a bit tankier. Togekiss is best when used with Charm and Dazzling Gleam, and it will almost require enemies to switch away from their strong dragon types to take the gym.
Snorlax is just a Normal type. With this, he is only countered by Fighting-type attacks, which are less used in upper-tier teams. Snorlax has a very high stamina and defense. Adding in a solid health pool makes him a time investment to beat.
Snorlax is best when used with Zen Headbutt as its fast attack and Hyper Beam as the charged attack. Snorlax won't be doing any monster amounts of damage on defense, but its long lifespan will allow it to hurt and greatly annoy the enemy.
Wobbuffet may not look like much on the outside, and its lower CP will only help you look past it. Wobbuffet doesn't have a standout attack or defense, but it does have an incredible health pool. Wobbuffet won't be able to do much more than sit there and tank damage, but it will excel in just that.
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Wobbuffet is best when using Charm as its fast attack. This is better to counter the almost assured dragon types that will be attacking your gym. Its best-charged move is Mirror Coat, and while this will do some damage, it won't be substantial.
Miotic is just a Water type, giving it nothing double super effective to it. While it does have two type weaknesses, it does have a total of 4 types that deal reduced damage to it. This makes it a great defensive option, which is only enhanced by its solid attack and defense stats.
Milotic is best when using Waterfall for high amounts of fast attack damage. Pairing this with Hyper Beam will have Milotic standing for multiple fights. Milotic also has a decent HP pool, making it more difficult to be swept by attackers.
Even in the mainline Pokémon game, Slaking has been a beast that is not fun to fight. Also being just a Normal type, only Fighting is able to do substantial damage to it. While it may also seem like he's not doing much damage, this is only a short-term ploy giving the attacker false hope.
Slaking comes with a massive heal pool and a shockingly high attack stat. While his fast attack Yawn does no damage, his charged attack will usually insta-kill an enemy. Play-Rough is a solid option, allowing him to attack more often, or Hyper Beam, which will usually finish any enemy attacking your gym.
If you are actively playing Pokémon GO, or have in the past 2 years, you've seen a Blissey in about every gym out there. Just like the other tanks, Blissey is Normal type and only weak to Fighting types. Blissey has a massive health pool and the highest stamina in the game.
Blissey will take almost no damage from attackers and deal substantial amounts back. Blissey is best when using Zen Headbutt for high amounts of fast damage. Adding in Dazzling Gleam as a charged attack only makes it more deadly to any enemy — especially Dragon types.
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