Camilla uses £200 fitness tool to 'track activity levels' – 'beneficial for anti-ageing' – Express

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The Duchess of Cornwall, 74, and her husband Prince Charles reportedly have a very healthy lifestyle at their country home in Gloucestershire. Camilla enjoys activities such as gardening and follows a very healthy diet. Her meal plan includes eating fresh food and ingredients they produce in their own state.

But the Duchess also uses a gadget which helps her stay in shape.
During the last few days in Wales, Camilla has been seen wearing a Fitbit exercise watch.
The tool allows you to keep in shape by tracking your movement.
Judging by its grey strap and rose-gold casing, Camilla’s tracker of choice appears to be the Fitbit Charge 3.
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Camilla wears a Fitbit to track her fitness
Camilla could be seen wearing her Fitbit in Wales
First released in October 2018, it’s a relatively old model – but still has some of the key features of fitness trackers, including a step counter, activity tracking and 24/7 heart rate monitoring.
It’s also waterproof up to 50m.
The Fitbit Charge 3 retails for £199.99 today on Amazon.
This classy, more expensive type of Fitbit suggests that Camilla appreciates a good quality health tracking accessory.

The Duchess is usually pictured wearing the Fitbit alongside delicate bracelets and jewellery on her wrists.
Sarah Campus, the founder of LDN MUMS FITNESS, previously spoke to about Camilla’s diet and exercise routine.
She said: “Camilla particularly enjoys yoga and pilates to keep her core strength and body supple and to help avoid back pain.
“She incorporates deep breathing into her exercises to help her unwind and relax.

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Camilla enjoys a healthy lifestyle at age 74
“Camilla is also a big fan of the outdoors, so thrives on walking with her dogs around her estate, and spending time in the hills.
“The fresh air and outdoors particularly contribute to improved sleep quality, overall wellbeing and boosting the endorphins.”
How does the Duchess maintain her figure at 74?
Sarah suggested: “Camilla leads a healthy, active lifestyle and is consistent with it.

Calorie burning exercises
“She is balanced with her eating without restrictions and eats organic quality foods.
“The Duchess gets quality sleep and enjoys the outdoors.
“She also has an exercise watch, Fitbit, which helps her track her activity levels.
“It is also thought that Camilla may use a collagen supplement as well such as Correxiko – a premium marine-based collagen which is shown to be beneficial for healthy joints, skin and anti-ageing.”

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